Benny Johnson Lays Out How Mass Murderers Are Made

The heinous mass murder at a Nashville Christian School has prompted many of the usual narratives to pop up, as they always do. There’s the Biden-Harris regime instantly jumping on gun control. Then there are those who are blaming Republicans for not allowing parents to genitally mutilate their children. But through it all there’s an underlying set of truths that seem to be universal for mass murderers.

Benny Johnson explained:

How To Create A Mass Murderer:

  1. Absent parents
  2. Child raised by State
  3. Develop mental illness in puberty
  4. Mental illness “affirmed”
  5. Pump female full of “testosterone”
  6. She becomes unable to manage rage
  7. Pump brain full of violent victimization
  8. Dehumanize target

He’s correct. This mass murderer is not a victim today. She made the choice to kill innocent people, stripping any pity we should have for her. But the life she lived prior to making her fatal decision showed that she was abandoned by society as so many are.