Benedict Biden’s Latest Gas Price Lie Is Easily Fact Check With Basic Math

According to Joe Biden, we should be celebrating the amazing economic recovery his regime is creating. That’s been the message from the White House for weeks despite clear indicators that it’s not happening. The American people are feeling the pain and the regime is offering feeble excuses.

Usually, this entails taking numbers and torturing them until they say whatever the regime wants. It’s funny math, but it’s usually not outright incorrect. Biden’s latest statement about gas prices enters a new level of blatantly bad math.

He said, “In 41 states plus the District of Columbia, the average gasoline price is less than $2.99.”

As The Post Millennial pointed out, NO state has an average gas price under $3.

Did he misread the teleprompter? Is it another senior moment for Dementia Joe? No. They’re outright lying to the American people in hopes that muddled statements will not be fact-check. Unfortunately, they’re usually right about that.