Benedict Biden’s Biggest Border Lie EVER Bodes Ill for Stopping the Invasion

Joe Biden was asked today why there is such a bigger border crisis on his watch. Since Donald Trump was victim of massive, widespread voter fraud that took him out of the Oval Office and installed Biden so his globalist handlers could call the shots, we’ve seen our southern border become a point of invasion through which millions of foreign nationals have stolen our sovereignty.

But instead of saying something “woke” like they’ve said in the past about having compassion and working with our national partners south of the border, Biden said something insane. He made an excuse to try to justify the “new” border crisis by redefining altogether.

As I noted in my commentary below, these are bald-faced lies. The reason Nicaragua and Venezuela are having a higher percentage of illegal aliens crossing our borders is because the Biden-Harris regime reversed policies and arrangements President Trump had negotiated with these countries. Biden insinuated that illegal aliens coming from other nations are fewer now. This is false. There are lower percentages but higher total number of illegal aliens from Mexico and other Central American countries. The influx from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua are just accounting for higher percentages now.

They have no intention of stopping the border invasion. In fact, the Biden-Harris regime will do everything in their power to stop anyone who even tries to slow the invasion. This is all part of the globalists’ plans. And no, it’s not about getting more future Democrat voters. This is about destroying the nation through mass chaos. I explained it all more thoroughly on my show.

As far as his final statement, his response is classic Biden idiocy…