MISINFORMATION! Benedict Biden’s Big Energy Lie Is Easily Debunked in a Single Tweet

Today, Joe Biden said, “Let’s debunk some miss here, my administration has not stopped or slowed U.S. oil production.”

This is a lie.

But he wasn’t done yet. He bragged about how brilliant his regime is for “selling” from the strategic oil reserve at $90 a barrel, then replenishing later at under $70 a barrel. This makes sense to most, but it’s technically not accurate. I won’t detail why that’s not true because it’s pretty dry stuff, but one thing this is very true is that Democrats blocked President Trump from replenishing our strategic oil reserves at $24 a barrel.

America is facing the worst energy crunch we’ve seen since the Carter administration. The difference now is that we are facing multiple existential threats to go along with skyrocketing energy and failing relationships with energy producers. By itself, the energy issue could send us back to the economic hardships of the Carter years. With everything happening now, this is just another piece of the puzzle that could collapse our economy altogether.

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