Benedict Biden Is Restocking Strategic Petroleum Reserve for 5X HIGHER Than What Trump Was Blocked From Doing in 2020

Democrats and corporate media are cheering as Joe Biden works to repurchase oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at over $90 per barrel. They need to be reminded that Capitol Hill Democrats BLOCKED Donald Trump from filling the reserve in 2020 at $18.84 per barrel.

According to Fox News writer David Asman:

“Biden admin today making repurchase deals for our depleted oil reserves at mid-$90 a barrel. Phil Flynn reminds us that 2 years ago Dems refused to let Trump restock SPR reserves at $18.84 a barrel; they said it would be bailing out big oil…at $18.84!!”

What we are witnessing is the INTENTIONAL systematic implosion of our economy and our national sovereignty. Democrats truly do want to end us and bring for The Great Reset in their globalist Neo-Marxist utopia.