Kids in Cages

Benedict Biden Is Caging Kids and Only Photoshop Can Make AOC or Corporate Media Care

Senator Ron Johnson loves to expose what others in government do not. He’s been outspoken about the Covid “vaccines,” Hunter Biden, and China. The border crisis gets some exposure from his colleagues, but Johnson is still doing more to make Americans aware of the issue than many members of Congress from southern border states.

His latest revelation on social media showed illegal alien children literally in cages.

@POTUS and @SecMayorkas are putting kids in cages at the border. Thanks to Mark Morgan, @jaeson_jones and @NEWSMAX for showing the truth. Where’s the mainstream media? Where’s the outrage?

Under President Trump, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and pretty much everyone in leftist corporate media hyperventilated on a daily basis over kids like these being held by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Under Biden, they’re running away as quickly as they can from the issue.

Thankfully, Twitter user Skid Willie was able to put AOC on the scene to cry over these kids.


So as not to leave out the media, I brought Jim Acosta to the party.

We may not get solutions from Democrats or truth from corporate media, but at least we can have a little fun with Photoshop along the way.