Ben Domenech Goes There � Compares Modern Day Wokesters to Hitler’s Youth

When Ben Domenech went on Fox News last night to host “Primetime” and discuss the current actions of Antifa and other Neo-Marxist groups, his tone was somber. It wasn’t just for effect; the topic that he discussed was sobering to the point that three people contacted me and said I needed to watch it.

�Few people remember that the book burnings of the German 1930s were led by student activists who started with their own campus libraries,� Domenech said. �They didn�t want the books that challenged their delicate minds. A lot triggered our young little Nazis. When they ran out of campus libraries, they came for the independent bookstores. The government, happy to help, only came in later. Does this sound familiar?�

The publisher of The Federalist displayed images of Nazi Germany in the early days before WWII when a youth-led movement began making demands about what speech was acceptable and what needed to be abolished through censorship and bullying. The comparisons he made to today’s indoctrinated youth were striking. One cannot miss the obvious similarities without engaging in willful cognitive dissonance.

�They always pretend to learn from our history and assume we are somehow more enlightened than our ancestors, that they were evil but we are fit to make our own rules our own history, to ban ideas. To ban George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and Dr. Seuss, and those Catholic teachings that inconvenience us. We�re experts now. We�ve got this,� Domenech said. ��The first thing tyrants do when they�re in charge is ban speech. But not just any speech, they ban the speech that threatens them.�

At the heart of this is something too few are discussing. This isn’t really about erasing history or suppressing free expression of ideas. It’s about destroying the foundation of this nation, our Judeo-Christian core upon which we were built and through which we have thrived throughout modern history. But as Domenech pointed out, it’s not about eliminating religion. It’s about controlling it by replacing the truth with their new version of “faith” in man and our machinations.

�The left comes for religious Americans not because they want to abolish religion, but because they want to replace it: with race politics, with scientism, and with their Marxist, fascist agenda that would pile the Bibles high and turn them into ash,� he said. �And yet: �The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.� It won�t. It can�t. And we as free Americans will make sure it never does.�

It’s time for conservatives to stop being polite and start calling out today’s radical leftists for what they are. They are not just misguided or heading in the wrong direction. In many ways, their thoughts and actions are pure evil just like many of the youth who rose up in 1930s Germany. They truly believed they were doing what was proper, and while it’s hard to believe they thought it was right, they clearly thought it was what would be best for them and the nation they wanted to build.

Rebuilding a nation requires its initial destruction. The Nazis knew this. Today’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter Neo-Marxists know this as well. They will burn it all down and try to rebuild in their own image if they are not stopped immediately.

Quotes via The Federalist.