Pete Carroll

Being “Fully-Vaccinated” Didn’t Keep Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll From Getting Symptomatic Covid

Another day, another famous American who was “fully-vaccinated” and likely boosted gets Covid. It’s a broken record that got old long ago, but it keeps happening. The latest victim to Joe Biden’s promise that you won’t get Covid if you get jabbed is Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the franchise as they try to pick up the pieces from a disappointing season while replacing their all-pro quarterback, Russell Wilson, who was traded to Denver. They’ll have to do so at least temporarily without their 70-year-old head coach.

This news comes on the heels of another prominent NFL figure also testing positive. Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray also has Covid.

The NFL has been one of the most draconian organizations when it comes to Covid jabs. But so far, there have been no deaths from Covid in the league despite a ton of players and coaches catching the disease. With athletes across the globe falling to “mysterious” health issues, will we see the heavily vaccinated NFL have incidents this year?