Beef Cubes

Beef That Will Still Be Good When Illegal Aliens Get Their Asylum Hearings in 2033

Here are two bold predictions for the next decade. First, the vast majority of illegal aliens who have been given asylum court dates in 2033 by the Biden-Harris regime will not show up for their hearings. Second, premium beef cubes purchased from Whole Cows will still be nutritious, delicious, and shelf-stable (plus the Liberty Daily will benefit from your purchase).

The difference between these two predictions is that no American patriots benefit when masses of illegal aliens are given a pass to roam around the country.

With the current border crisis raging, many illegal aliens are being released into the interior by the regime with court hearings scheduled a decade from now. According to Kaelan Deese:

The Washington Examiner interviewed dozens of immigrants who freshly crossed the U.S.-Mexico border to get a sense of just how long they will stay in the U.S. before an immigration court determines whether they should be removed or will be eligible to remain in the country. Several immigrants were willing to show their Department of Homeland Security I-862 forms, revealing notices to appear in court reaching as far into the future as March 2027 to 2033.

As for beef cubes from Whole Cows, they are sous vide, freeze dried, and stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. This makes them shelf-stable for at least a decade and likely over two decades. Unlike other “prepper” protein offerings, these is not “beef crumbles” or leftover parts of the cows. Whole Cows is the only company in America that offers freeze dried Ribeye cubes, NY Strip cubes, Tenderloin cubes, and premium beef cubes. They use best parts of the cow, not the scraps.

Readers of The Liberty Daily can take advantage of 15% off at checkout by using promo code “TLD15”. Visit Whole Cows and be eating well even when illegal aliens are busy not showing up for their court hearing in 2033.