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With Beef Prices Surging, Take Up to 35% Off Freeze Dried Beef

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Beef prices continue rising. Let’s face it… EVERYTHING seems to be rising, especially essentials like food. This is why Prepper Beef continues to offer all-American, all-TEXAS, high-quality beef for long-term storage.

These aren’t “beef crumbles.” These are cuts of Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Sirloin. The beef is cooked sous vide, then freeze dried to maintain maximum nutrition and flavor integrity for decades. And unlike just about every form of shelf-stable beef available in America, Prepper Beef only has one ingredient… Beef. We don’t even add salt so when the time comes to eat, our customers can add it to just about anything they’d like.

Since the beef is freeze dried and stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, it has a recommended shelf life of up to 25 years. The bag is resealable so even with 12 servings per bag, it will still remain fresh after opening for 6 months in the refrigerator or 60 days on the shelf.

Co-founder Jason Nelson, a combat disabled United States Army veteran, has streamlined the process at our Texas kitchen to maximize quality. He regularly visits our ranchers as well as the slaughterhouse, maintaining proper sourcing. The vast majority of beef companies in the industry have recently started important cattle. Our ranchers raise their own, which is becoming increasingly important as globalists try to subvert America’s food chain.

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