Bed, Bath & Beyond Says It Is Running Out Of Money, Could Go Bankrupt – Is It Because Conservatives Boycotted After They Canceled MyPillow?

Two years ago, Bed, Bath & Beyond dropped MyPillow from their stores.

Liberals celebrated:

In response, many conservatives boycotted Bed, Bath & Beyond — and bought their bedding from using promo code TLD directly instead (The Liberty Daily benefits when you use that code).

Now, this: Bed, Bath & Beyond just announced they are running out of money and could go bankrupt:

NPR reports:

The home-goods giant Bed Bath & Beyond says it’s running out of money and may need to file for bankruptcy protection — or worse.

Its stores have seen fewer shoppers and declining sales as the retailer has struggled to find its footing in recent years through a series of poorly timed or otherwise lackluster turnaround strategies.

Now Bed Bath & Beyond “has concluded that there is substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern,” the retailer said on Thursday. This means Bed Bath & Beyond has to consider all financial options, including restructuring, selling assets or going through bankruptcy.

Bed, Bath & Beyond could have worked with MyPillow to serve conservatives – but canceled them instead.

Big mistake!

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