Banned Aussie TikTok Star Lays Down the _Vaccine_ Mandate Truth in Hilarious Rant

Banned Aussie TikTok Star Lays Down the “Vaccine” Mandate Truth in Hilarious Rant

Aussie video commentator “KT Uncut” is hard to find on TikTok and Instagram where she has been a star. She keeps getting banned on the platforms for breaking terms of service. Her crime? She speaks the truth about medical tyranny, lockdown madness, and vaccine mandates. For this, her accounts get dumped as soon as she posts another video.

Thankfully, some of them get preserved for our viewing enjoyment. Here’s one in particular that hits home as it lampoons the vaxx-nannies or denying that their “fully vaccinated” status would be fleeting as soon as governments decided to get on the endless booster regimen. Warning: Language.

As she notes, governments are hanging our freedoms in front of us like carrots on a stick and far too many people are chasing the carrots down the path, not realizing that our freedoms are ours by God-given right. It’s a sad testament to the state of western society when someone gets banned for revealing such clear truths but actual evil acts are celebrated by Big Tech, mainstream media, and the government entities that are supposed to be working for us.

For now, all that’s left is KT’s store, but we’ll keep watching for her triumphant return to dropping videos… somewhere. We need more people like her to make videos, write articles, make phone calls, attend peaceful protests, and wake as many friends and family up to the state of medical tyranny that has engulfed our nation and the world.