Asha Rangappa

Bald-Faced Lie: ABC News Guest Tells Martha Raddatz Trump Supporters Rammed Capitol Barricades

The biggest problem with corporate media isn’t that they lie. That’s a huge problem, of course, but it could be mitigated if their audiences were made to see the truth. Unfortunately, readers on my sites account for a tiny fraction of the American population and not enough other conservative outlets are calling corporate media out.

In the latest bald-faced lie, attorney and former FBI thug Asha Rangappa blamed Trump supporters for ramming the Capitol barricades. The problem is the two incidents she’s likely referring to were committed by a Democrat and a member of the Nation of Islam. They were not Trump supporters.


As David Asman noted:

An ABC guest just blamed Trump “followers” for violent car crashes into Capitol barricades. In fact, one perp was a registered Democrat with a long criminal history. The other was a devotee of the Nation of Islam. You can condemn Trump’s rhetoric without making stuff up.

Sadly, the vast majority of corporate media consumers who watched this segment likely have no idea they were blatantly lied to by a “respected” member of the press and an “expert” on these issues. They’ll just nod their heads as they continue to inhale the fumes.