Atlanta 'Defund Police' Mayoral Candidate Carjacked by Pre-Teens, On Hold 5-Minutes with 911

Atlanta ‘Defund Police’ Mayoral Candidate Carjacked by Pre-Teens, On Hold 5-Minutes with 911

When Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced she wouldn’t run for reelection in her city, Democrats started lining up to take her place. One such candidate is City Councilman Antonio Brown whose “defund police” stance is a hard-sell in a city with skyrocketing crime rates. But his prospects got even worse Wednesday when a group of kids between the age of 7-11 stole his Mercedes in broad daylight with the candidate a few feet away.

Ironically, he was meeting with a local community leaders at the time to discuss affordable housing and… wait for it… curbing the rapidly increasing crime rates in the area. According to the Independent, Brown STILL wants to defund the police.

Mr Brown�s mayoral campaign platform calls for several policing reforms as the US has reckoned with incident after incident of young Black men dying at the hands of police. His proposals include improved officer training, expanding the use of unarmed responders and supporting at-risk youths so they don�t end up in the criminal justice pipeline to begin with.

Mr Brown pointed to the suspects� desperation in committing the blatant act.

�To get into a car and wrestle with two grown men, something�s not right with that circumstance.�

The effects of his efforts to hamper law enforcement are being felt all across the city. Brown experienced some of it first hand as he was forced to wait on hold for five minutes before speaking to an operator. Once his report was filed, he had to wait another 45 minutes for police to arrive.

Despite all this, he STILL wants to defund police. Apparently, it’s better for politicians to continue to embrace a demonstrably horrible policy even after it bites them in the butt than to acknowledge that their failing ideas may need to be reconsidered. As Clash Daily reports:

Antonio Brown, an Atlanta city council member who has tossed his hat in the ring to run for mayor, was one of seven council members who voted for a motion to cut $73 million of the Atlanta Police Department�s budget until Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms� administration drafted a plan to �reinvent the culture of policing� in the city. The ordinance was narrowly defeated.

That�s probably a good thing. Brown complained that he was on hold for 5 minutes after calling 911 when a group of school children stole his car on Wednesday.

Brown was meeting up with locals to discuss plans to build affordable housing in the city�s northwest when a group of children between the ages of approximately 6 to 12 hopped into his unlocked car and started it. The car has keyless ignition and Brown was standing just a few feet away.

Brown�told WSB-TV�in Atlanta, �These kids were in my opinion somewhere between 7- and 11-years-old. So you don�t immediately think, �Oh, these kids are going to steal my car.��

Antonio Brown demonstrates the biggest problem with the radical left. Even when they’re the victim of their own horrid ideas, they still cannot bring themselves to acknowledge how dumb they really are.