Daria Dugina Aleksandr Dugin

Assassination Attempt on “Putin’s Brain” Aleksandr Dugin Kills Daughter Instead After They Switched Cars

Daria Dugina, the daughter of Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, was killed in an assassination attempt that appears to have targeted her father. The two had switched cars for the last leg of their trip, drawing many to assume he was the intended victim of the exploding vehicle.

Here are a couple of videos from the aftermath of the attack:

Dugin is widely regarded as the architect of the philosophy behind Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. Often called “Putin’s Brain,” the philosopher has been one of the leading voices of Neo-Marxism in the nation. According to Wikipedia:

He was the main organizer of the National Bolshevik Front, the Eurasia Party and, together with Eduard Limonov, their forerunner, the National Bolshevik Party, which was banned by a Russian court in 2005. He also served as an advisor to the State Duma speaker Gennadiy Seleznyov and a leading member of the ruling United Russia party, Sergey Naryshkin. Dugin is the author of more than 30 books, among them Foundations of Geopolitics (1997) and The Fourth Political Theory (2009).

Was this an attack by internal political foes, or did Ukraine have a hand in this? He’s blamed by many in Ukraine for prompting Putin to invade. Could this be payback for the war?

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