. . . As the Lab-Grown “Meat” Versus Insects War Heats Up, Stock Up on Long-Term Storage Beef Now

There’s a line in the first installment of the rebooted Godzilla movie franchise that reminds me of the current fake meat situation. As characters discuss the monsters going after each other, Ken Watanabe’s character says, “Let them fight.”

That’s how many of us feel about the burgeoning war between the lab-grown “meat” advocates like Bill Gates and the insect protein proponents like Klaus Schwab. Both want us to stop eating real meat and both are offering alternatives for the powers-that-be to force upon the masses.

But even as they work to position their preferred meat replacement as the ubiquitous protein to be distributed in coming months and years, those of us who are determined to feed our families real meat from real animals raised at real farms and ranches are the ones who should be acting.

Dr. Robert Malone recently warned that “Vat Meat” — his unaffectionate name for lab-grown protein — is getting hit hard by the insect lobby because it’s not as environmentally friendly as its proponents claim. As he noted:

It appears that investors are being encouraged to invest more in cricket protein, with fast tracked regulator approvals from “developed” nations and then an off load of the product onto “emerging economies.”

Meanwhile, the “Vat Meat” advocates have been sharing derogatory stories about how insects are loaded with certain chemicals that inhibit the human immune system.

This tells us is that they’re no longer trying to sell the idea of an alternative to real meat. They’ve moved on to figuring out which fake meat will replace the real stuff. That should concern you because it means the push to prevent us from eating real meat is ramping up.

We have recently begun working with an America First beef company, Whole Cows TLD. They are the only company in America that offers sous vide, freeze dried beef cubes that include Ribeye, NY Strip, and Tenderloin. Unlike other “prepper” meat, these aren’t beef crumbles or leftovers. They are a veteran-owned company and The Liberty Daily benefits when you buy from them. Use promo code “TLD15” at checkout for a discount.

“We started the company in the first place because we knew they were coming after the food supply, meat in particular,” CEO Jason Nelson, a veteran of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines, said. “My family and I will not be eating bugs. We won’t be eating lab-grown abominations. We’ll be eating high-quality beef now and into the future.”

The beef cubes are stored in shelf-stable mylar bags with oxygen absorbers which gives them a 10+ year shelf life without refrigeration. Considering they’re already trying to outlaw beef in certain parts of the country, it doesn’t take a tinfoil hat to be concerned.

Beef prices keep rising. Don’t wait until it’s no longer cost effective to stock up. Go to WholeCowsTLD.com and use promo code “TLD15” at checkout for 15% off.