Nancy and Paul Pelosi

As Nancy Pelosi Helps Drive up Gas Prices, Her Husband Just Made a Massive Purchase of Tesla Stock

After decades of experiencing the absolute corruption and uncanny elitism of Nancy Pelosi, one would think she couldn’t do anything that surprises us. One would be wrong, as she and her husband have partnered for a one-two punch of corrupt dealings, thumbing their noses at the peasants all the while.

First, Pelosi and the Democrat Party that she helps control is doing everything in their power to drive up the price of gasoline. The cost of getting back and forth for the average American is skyrocketing to the point that fuel theft is quickly becoming rampant, especially in Democrat-run cities.

Then, Pelosi’s husband, Paul, made a massive purchase of stocks in Tesla, the electric vehicle company that will benefit greatly from the Speaker of the House’s anti-American maneuvers to pump up the price of gas. According to Business Insider:

Paul Pelosi, the husband of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, purchased nearly $2.2 million worth of Tesla stock on March 17, according to a new congressional financial disclosure.

Pelosi’s husband, an investor and venture capitalist by trade, is an active stock investor personally. In January, Paul Pelosi invested $2.9 million worth of American Express, Apple, PayPal, and Walt Disney stocks. He’s made tens of millions of dollars in stock trades during the past few years, congressional records indicate.

Under current laws, members of Congress are required by law to disclose all individual stock trades and those of their immediate family members within 30- to 45-days of making a stock trade, depending on the trade.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill told Insider earlier this month when asked about Paul Pelosi’s stock trades that “the speaker does not own any stocks.”

You are peasants to the Pelosis… literally. This racket they’ve been running for decades has used her role as a “public servant” to benefit themselves at the expense of the public.