As Libs of TikTok Gets Death Threats, Elon Musk Offers One-Word Response

Being a conservative who exposes the lunacy of the left on fascist Twitter is always challenging. Not only do we have to deal with censorship and suppression, but some have to suffer through the vitriol from radicals with little opportunity for recourse. While conservatives get banned for making jokes, leftists get a free pass to make death threats.

Popular account Libs of TikTok, who was doxxed by the Washington Post, started seeing death threats ramping up recently. Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald railed against Twitter in response:

This is what it’s like to be a woman on the internet who got doxed by a newspaper owned by the world’s richest man: actual death threats and encouragement of suicide. Since liberal outlets only care when this happens to rich, famous national journalists, they’ll ignore this.

Libs of TikTok had tried to tag the FBI while sharing a death threat she received, but as Greenwald pointed out, such things aren’t a concern because the Twitter account is not among the elites.

Billionaire Elon Musk, who is still working on buying Twitter, had a one-word response to Greenwald and Libs of TikTok. This response was directed towards one account:

Why @Twitter

There has been a massive double-standard in Big Tech or the past several years. Repercussions for threatening behavior always seem to hit conservatives while leftists run rampant. Maybe Musk can finally change this.