As Kamala Harris Loses Communications Director, Democrats Fear (Hope_) Her End Is Near

As Kamala Harris Loses Communications Director, Democrats Fear (Hope?) Her End Is Near

Kamala Harris, who was installed as the Vice President of the United States, may not be in the White House much longer. With reports that the Biden regime is considering nominating her to the Supreme Court it’s clear they’re looking for an elegant exit, but what if they don’t get that chance? Will they stick with her or is there going to be a major shakeup in the White House that hasn’t been seen in modern history?

According to Just The News, a major loss to her staff bodes ill for the first female Vice President:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ communications director Ashley Etienne will leave her White House post next month, according to reports.

“Ashley is a valued member of the vice president’s team, who has worked tirelessly to advance the goals of this administration,” a White House official said in a statement to CNN. “She is leaving the office in December to pursue other opportunities.”

Etienne’s departure comes following a report from CNN detailing mutual exasperation and tension between the Vice President’s office and the West Wing. Etienne previously served as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s communications director, prior to joining Harris’ team. According to The Hill, numerous media reports have portrayed Harris’ staff as feeling sidelined by White House officials.

Sources in the DNC have told us the question is not “if” but “when” Harris is escorted out the front door. The general consensus is that she’s not a strong candidate for 2024 and most assume Joe Biden won’t run in his 80s. That means either convincing her not to run or removing her heir apparent status as soon as possible.

There are some who hope she can be removed. They have been disappointed in how she handles her roles, or to be more specific, how she doesn’t handle her roles. She is not the dutiful VP the White House pretends she is and often balks at requests from the West Wing.

Losing Etienne may be a first of many exits that demonstrate a sinking ship in her side of the regime. It may also just be an indicator of the dysfunction within her office, in which case it could possibly be fixed with personnel better suited for unity and engagement. We’ve seen people new to the political world make poor staffing decisions in the beginning; President Trump famously put the wrong people in place when he began in the Oval Office. Reince Priebus, James Mattis, Rex Tillerson, and H.R. McMaster come to mind.

Rumors that Michelle Obama may be behind the push to hit the eject button on Harris are gaining momentum. She may be the easy solution; most Democrats would help usher Harris out of the White House with haste if the former First Lady set her sights on the office.

At this point, all we have are rumors from credible sources, but the timing couldn’t be better for a Harris departure. If they can’t pretend to want her in the Supreme Court, any other type of exit will turn very ugly for the regime.