As Israel-Russia Relations Deteriorate, Russia Claims Germany Blindly Supports Israel’s “Neo-Nazi Practices” in Gaza

(All Israel News)—Russia’s Foreign Ministry strongly attacked Germany and Israel in light of Germany siding with Israel in the genocide lawsuit filed by South Africa at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

From the official statement published on Sunday on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, it emerged that Russia accuses the current German government of continuing the policies of Nazi Germany and denies the Holocaust as an event related solely to the Jewish people.

The Russian statement was published six days before the upcoming International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27, which Russia removed from its official calendar.

The Russian statement regarding Germany standing by Israel’s side in The Hague said, among other things: “The German decision to oppose the South African lawsuit is not surprising. This happens against the background of absolute support that Berlin always gives to Israel without any examination of the implications of such support. This is a norm that Germany implements based on the rules dictated from Washington.”

“In this case the German elites did Israel an ill service. The Germans rely on ‘German history’ and thus declare themselves to be ‘experts’ in the mass extermination of human beings. Apparently in Germany they forgot that according to the UN resolution, the Holocaust is the persecution and mass extermination of various ethnic and social groups by the Nazis. And the Berlin Convention stipulates that members of all ethnic groups must be respected without segregation,” the statement continued.

Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry again claimed that the German decision to grant a monthly pension to Jews who survived the Nazi siege of Leningrad was a racist move, and that Germany should compensate the people of all the nationalities who were affected by the siege.

In the context of the Middle East, the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “We think that the behavior of the current German government is unacceptable, inappropriate, illegal and immoral. We are seriously concerned about the renewed growth of German militarism against the background of support for neo-Nazi practices. This trend may have severe implications for Germany itself.”

Yad Vashem [Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem] responded: “Yad Vashem sees the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry as a serious distortion of the Holocaust. Contrary to their claim, the Holocaust was an unprecedented systematic genocide, carried out by Nazi Germany and its partners with the aim of exterminating the Jewish people. This fact is supported by countless testimonies, documents and studies. It is surprising that Russia, which ratified two UN resolutions on the subject, distorts them for manipulative use. The Russian Foreign Ministry would do well to leave the Holocaust aside when seeking to conduct a political confrontation, and in general to base its statements on indisputable historical facts.”