Jason Nelson

As Governments Weaponize Food Against the People, a Disabled Veteran Fights Back With Beef

“Who controls the food supply controls the people,” Henry Kissinger once said.

Unfortunately, he’s not wrong. Even free and courageous people will do things they don’t want to do to avoid starvation for themselves and their families. Disabled U.S. Marine and Army veteran Jason Nelson has seen this first-hand while doing tours in Afghanistan and around the world. He believes something similar is coming to the United States.

“Starvation will make even the strongest person beholden to governments,” Nelson said. “That’s why the powers-that-be are weaponizing the food supply in America and across the globe.”

Nelson’s company, Whole Cows, is a sponsor and The Liberty Daily benefits when our readers purchase from them. They specializes in long-term storage premium beef. But unlike standard “prepper” food companies, Whole Cows only works with high-quality cuts like Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Sirloin. They have committed to never inject their cattle with mRNA vaccines, never use lab-grown beef, and never bow to the woke mob.

“It’s all creeping right now, but eventually they’re going to pull the rug out from under Americans,” he said. “They’re already normalizing cultured meats and trying to make bugs palatable, but they’re not going to wait for us to adopt them willingly. At some point in the future, they’re going to force the issue and if you think that’s just fearmongering then you haven’t been paying enough attention.”

As Belle Carter and Mike Adams from Natural News recently noted, the same people who said they wouldn’t weaponize a virus and its so-called “vaccine” are now saying they would never weaponize control of the food supply.

The once-considered conspiracy theory of the weaponization of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, is now becoming a fact, with shreds of evidence that these “experimental” jabs have dispatched a countless numbers of lives. But the New World Order (NWO) just would not stop, because those who did not die from the vaccines or the engineered virus itself, should expire from starvation or the genetically modified “Frankenfoods.”

“We’ve seen the beginning of this in the Netherlands, where they’ve seized 1000s of farms… but that’s just the beginning. We’re seeing the mass slaughter of cows ordered by the government in Ireland. We’re also seeing the globalists’ effort to replace real meat with basically cancer tumor synthetic meat that’s grown, harvested and turned into a so-called beef patty or a chicken nugget type of thing. But you’re just eating cancer, tumor flesh,” Adams told Maria Zeee in a recent episode of “Zeee Media.”

If one does acquire cancer and other disease from the “tumor filet,” they might also endorse a cricket McNugget or have some kind of insect larva or black soldier fly larva or even Soylent Green, he warned. “Cannibalism will become a feature of the world as the famine kicks in and it’s all engineered,” he added, noting that the shutdown has already come. He went on to cite the extreme weather patterns across the world right now as the result of geoengineering.

“I wish this was all just fodder for alternative media. It’s not only true but likely worse than what’s being reported,” Nelson said. “I stay grounded in facts which is why I left the military over the Covid jabs. Now, I’m trying to get as many Americans as possible to stock up on shelf-stable real beef before it becomes essentially impossible to do so.”

Whole Cows is finishing up their 11th slaughter of cattle, which will mark the final run before their Texas ranchers are forced to raise prices. Their ranchers are not alone. The beef crunch is hitting every producer in the nation. This is going to impact beef price inflation even more than it has already with some seeing massive price increases in the grocery store starting in the fall. To get ahead of this, Nelson is offering 15% off for TLD readers by using promo code “TLD15” at checkout.

Even though Nelson’s company only sells beef, they’re strong proponents of self-sufficiency. Anyone with the means should be growing as much of their own food as they can, and that isn’t the only advice he’s giving.

“Get out of the cities if you can,” Nelson said. “Grow food, store it for the long-term through canning or freeze-drying, raise chickens if you’re able. And stock up on beef that will be ready for you even when it’s not longer available at grocery stores.”

Whole Cows beef is shelf-stable for at least a decade without refrigeration. The FDA says properly stored cooked freeze-dried beef can last 25-years or more. Take advantage of the current sale with 15% off by using promo code “TLD15” at checkout.