Flynn Comer

As GOP Promises More Words, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Demands Action Against the Biden Crime Family

Since before the 2022 midterm elections, we’ve continuously heard about all the things Republican lawmakers would do if given the power. But since Kevin McCarthy took over as Speaker of the House, we’ve heard a whole lot of talking while not seeing much action.

The latest offering doesn’t seem to be any different, though I’ll reserve judgment until later this week. Congressman James Comer made some headline-grabbing statements on Sunday, saying that the Justice Department shouldn’t arrest Hunter Biden before Wednesday because of the bombshells the House Oversight Committee would be dropping then.

He has a press conference scheduled.

Lt. General (Retired) Michael Flynn wasn’t impressed by the “threat.” As he posted on Twitter:

If you don’t have impeachment proceedings prepared for Biden this Wednesday and that is part of what you plan on exposing, then you’re telling us, the American people, what we already know.

Talk is cheap! Bring it and we will stand behind the GOP to get this done.



And while you’re at it, close our damn borders!

Will James Comer announce impeachment proceedings on Wednesday or will he, as Lt. General Flynn and I fear, tell us what we already know? If it’s the latter, the GOP should just drop a press release and leave the theatrics at home.

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