. . . As Gold-Backed Retirements Surge, a Christian Precious Metals Company Issues a Consumer Warning

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July has brought positive news for the precious metals industry after months of concern over interest rate hikes. But with inflation slowing to its lowest level in two years and rumors the Fed will slow their interest rate increases ahead of schedule, precious metals prices are rebounding.

This comes following months during which ESG-promoting naysayers were predicting gold would drop below $1,800 an ounce. It didn’t even drop below $1,900 following the banking crisis in March, demonstrating its resilience and the increased trust Americans have in the safe haven of the shiny metals.

But all of this positive news has prompted many to take a reactionary approach to their retirement portfolios. 20-year gold veteran Jonathan Rose noted that just because gold and silver are showing such strong upsides doesn’t mean every precious metals product is a good purchase. As co-founder of Genesis Gold Group, Rose knows what can happen during retirement surges like this.

“It’s easy for customers to hop on the bandwagon and plug in whatever precious metals their gold company is pushing, but they need to look to the future,” Rose said. “As a faith-driven company, we always try to put the proper mix of metals in our customers’ depositories so they don’t get hosed in the long run.”

Rose is correct. The vast majority of Gold IRA products being offered in the United States are based strictly on current profits. This is fine for the gold companies selling them, but consumers can find their retirement values drop even as gold and silver prices surge if they aren’t careful.

“We work to rollover and transfer various types of retirement accounts, and I can tell you a lot of people have been taken advantage of in recent years,” he said. “Our consultative customer service approach applies Biblical principles of proper fairness and honesty to our relationships. We want our customers to know we have their best interests in mind.”

The results have been stunning. With a perfect 5 out of 5 rating through the Better Business Bureau, Genesis Gold Group is rapidly building a reputation as one of the few “good guys” in the precious metals industry. It shows in some of their recent reviews:

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To work with a customer-centric, faith-driven precious metals company to rollover or transfer your retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals, contact Genesis Gold Group today.