As Delta Variant Loses Fearmonger Strength, The Powers-That-Be Create a New Boogeyman_ 'Delta Plus'

As Delta Variant Loses Fearmonger Strength, The Powers-That-Be Create a New Boogeyman: ‘Delta Plus’

When a character in a soap opera becomes stale, producers often send them off for a while. They always replace them with a new but similar character. For example, an attractive female antagonist who gets too annoying to viewers may end up going to jail for a season or two, but shortly afterwards the show invariably introduces a different attractive female antagonist to fill the void. Things get really interesting when the original attractive female antagonist comes face-to-face with the new attractive female antagonist.

That’s how soap operas work… not that I’ve ever watched them or anything. Unfortunately, we’re seeing the same formulaic script-writing in Pandemic Panic Theater. When the original strain stopped scaring people, they brought in the Delta Variant. Now, it’s seeming to lose its terror effects, so the powers-that-be are laying the foundation for another potential replacement, unoriginally named “Delta Plus.”


Here’s CBS News stoking fears:

From their report:

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX) — As the Delta variant of the coronavirus fuels an ongoing COVID wave, Bay Area health experts are keeping a close eye on yet another variant: Delta Plus.

“We believe that it’s at least as bad as Delta,” said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California San Francisco.

“We don’t know if it’s even worse than Delta yet. When I say worse we think about number one: is it more transmissible? Number two, does it evade vaccines? And, number three, does it make you sicker?”

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has detected 46 cases of the Delta Plus mutation, according to their latest statistics. It is not the dominant strain in the area, however.

Santa Clara County provided KPIX with the following statement: “The County of Santa Clara is currently tracking the Delta variant, and the “Delta plus” variants on our dashboard. Cases of Delta-plus exist statewide and nationwide and there is currently not enough information on these particular variants to indicate whether they may be more concerning than the original Delta variant.”

The name is a double entendre for the powers-that-be. It keeps “Delta” in the news so they can keep those fears alive while introducing “Plus” as a way to get new customers for the fear they’re selling. The move is similar to what Coca-Cola did in the 1980s with “New Coke” and “Coca-Cola Classic.” They couldn’t stave off the market share loss with one or the other, so why not both?

Delta Plus is sort of like “New Coke.” The soft-drink abomination was able to stay in circulation for nearly two decades before finally being discontinued. The way the powers-that-be seem to be operating, Covid-19 hysteria may actually outlast it.

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash.