As the Banking Crisis Resurfaces, Investors Scramble for Safe Havens

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When the powers-that-be want to reduce the impact of bad news, they release it on Friday afternoon. This allows for the weekend buffer and reduces commentary by television talking heads. Such was the case with the collapse of Republic Bank last week as the news was withheld until after many economists, analysts, and financial journalists had already left the office.

The multiple bank collapses last year were all reported in real time. Republic Bank’s collapse was different as they didn’t just wait for the weekend but also had a plan in place with assets and liabilities negotiated by the FDIC before a single patron knew their bank was gone. What was different about this collapse compared to all others in the recent past? It was a regional bank with 32 branches so it did not represent a concern in isolation. Therefore, the most logical reasoning was that this collapse may be a harbinger for a near-future domino effect.

That’s the speculation quietly buzzing around elite financial circles Monday morning. With federal protections expiring last month, the hope was for American banks to remain stable through the summer. If Republic Bank is only the first domino to fall, we could see far more economic carnage just around the corner.

“Safe havens are readily available to big investors but your average American household is generally limited to banks, real estate, and physical precious metals,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Genesis Gold Group. “Real estate is already experiencing unprecedented murkiness, so if the banking system is also in trouble then gold and silver are considered by many to be the best safe havens.”

As financial journalist Michael Snyder noted, commercial real estate is particularly foreboding.

All over the nation, commercial real estate property values have fallen dramatically, and our small and mid-size banks are sitting on mountains of commercial real estate loans.

This story is not going to end well, and anyone that suggests otherwise is simply being delusional.

Meanwhile, more signs continue to emerge that the overall economy is rapidly heading in the wrong direction.

“We’re talking to concerned Americans every day about transferring or rolling over their retirement accounts into Genesis Gold IRAs backed by physical precious metals,” Rose continued. “It doesn’t hurt that predictions for both gold and silver prices are through the roof even as we sit at record levels.”

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If Republic Bank really is the first domino to fall, will there be another bailout to stop the bleeding? And if so, what will it do to the value of the U.S. Dollar? The stock market? Cryptocurrencies? Perhaps the biggest question that needs to be answered is what happens if they aren’t bailed out or if the bailout fails?

The writing on the wall is clear. It’s been visible for a while with central banks and most nations buying up as much gold and silver as they can. With a potential banking crisis on the horizon, we may learn sooner rather than later what the powers-that-be really have in store.