Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Went on Fake News CNN to Trash Kari Lake — She Responds

The RINO Establishment in Arizona is among the most prolific in the nation. Despite the state having some staunch conservatives in office, most of them are bought and paid for by the GOPe. Among the feeble Swamp dwellers is Governor Doug Ducey who has been antagonistic toward President Trump, the America First movement, and anyone associated with either.

Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is associated with both, having secured the coveted Trump endorsement and maintained a commanding lead as the only true America First candidate running for the office.

Ducey went on leftist “news” outlet CNN to make a case for any of the various RINOs running against Lake. He was condescending during the interview, but there was a hint of fear in his voice that betrayed his possible real motives for moving against the woman who is most likely to replace him in 2023.

Lake fired back.

As I Tweeted in reply, the last thing someone like Ducey wants is for his successor to go snooping around the 2020 election, which Lake has promised to do.

Doug Ducey has been a disaster for Arizona. It appears that he’s hoping his failures will be continued when he leaves office, which could be why he’s rooting for any of the milquetoast candidates to defeat Kari Lake.