Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly Wishes He Could Cover Up His Racist Joke About “Rodrigo”

Senator Mark Kelly, who is facing losing his incumbent seat to Trump-backed Republican Blake Masters, went full-blown racist in a joke he told an audience in 2018, saying his DNA-challenged astronaut brother is “halfway between an orangutan and a howler monkey… we even changed his name to Rodrigo.”

Why change his name to “Rodrigo?” Mark Kelly’s brother is White and “Rodrigo” is generally an Hispanic name. It didn’t make sense in context and it sounds pretty darn racist no matter how you slice it.

He apologized but offered no reasoning for his comment, only noting that his brother has hard times ever since spending a year in space. Watch:

If a Republican had said anything remotely close to this, they’d be labeled eternally as a racist. For Democrats like Mark Kelly, the racist tendencies are expected and accepted.