Are Real or False Flag Attacks Coming?

The attacks on Donald Trump and, as a result, the America First movement has prompted some pretty harsh reactions. But so far, those reactions have been relegated to rhetoric. There have been no direct attacks in retribution against the government, Department of Justice, or FBI.

It needs to stay that way. The last thing this nation needs right now is domestic terrorism whether it comes from Trump supporters or as a false flag attack to pin on Trump supporters. As
Raheem J. Kassam from The National Pulse noted on Twitter:

They’re trying to provoke Trump supporters to attack law enforcement, federal buildings, or politicians before the mid terms. Such things always lead to regime boosts in European nations. Can’t let it happen. The stakes are too high to be provoked into stupid moves.

Unfortunately, there may be attacks whether Trump supporters do the attacking or not. It is not beyond reason to consider the possibility that the Deep State, so desperate to spark an attack ahead of midterm elections, could try to do it themselves. We already know they prompted the plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. We have good reason to believe they helped initiate the “insurrection” on January 6. Could they be plotting to commit domestic terrorism and pin it on Trump supporters?

The nation is like a powder keg right now and there are so many possibilities of someone lighting a match. The lawless Biden-Harris regime must be held accountable for driving this nation to the state that it’s in.