Silver and Gold Coins

. . . Are Gold and Silver Really Worth Buying in Today’s Economy?

Back in 2017, I started getting more and more inquiries from precious metals companies who wanted to sponsor my conservative show and websites. I declined because I simply couldn’t see the value for the vast majority in my audience, not with the Trump administration setting the economy soaring. This continued all the way through 2020 when even more companies wanted to reach my conservative audience.

Again, I declined. I figured the economic carnage that was being inflicted on Americans by the lockdowns could still be fixed, especially after the 2020 election. I was wrong. Very wrong. We all saw what happened with the “selection” of Joe Biden and the economy has been on a downward trajectory ever since.

When it became clear that the Biden-Harris regime was going to do whatever it took to tank the economy, I started heavily researching the precious metals industry. What I found was usually pretty disgusting; the tactics used by most of the companies I vetted were questionable at best. Don’t get me started on the claim of “$10,000 in ‘free’ silver” because it will turn into a major rant.

Doubts crept into my mind about gold and silver being worth it. Sure, the ESG-driven markets are potentially going to collapse. The U.S. Dollar is in jeopardy as more nations seek to replace it as the world reserve currency by dropping the petrodollar; even our “allies” in Saudi Arabia are entertaining the “petroyuan.” But with all the various economic challenges we’re facing, is gold and silver any better?

The answer, as I’ve now learned, is that it depends on where you get it. If you’re looking for a smaller purchase, perhaps under $5,000, then your best bet is to shop around at local coin shops. You’ll minimize fees, bypass shipping, and likely save a few bucks per ounce. That’s NOT a guarantee; I’ve seen coin shops that are overpriced just like most of the “Big Gold” companies out there.

If you’re seeking larger purchases, either with cash or through retirement rollover, then the two companies who sponsor The Liberty Daily can help. We benefit when you buy from them, and we appreciate you for it. But it’s important to note that we’ve passed on far more lucrative deals with “Big Gold” companies because their business practices and prices are awful. We wouldn’t buy from them ourselves so why would we recommend them?

In 2021, I took on my first precious metals sponsor, Our Gold Guy. Owner Ira Bershatsky has proven to be the most straight-forward man I’ve ever met in the precious metals industry. He speaks plainly and doesn’t hold back even if the truth does not help the case for people to buy precious metals. It was this honesty that made him MY gold guy. To paraphrase the old commercials, “I’m not just an Our Gold Guy partner. I’m a customer as well.”

Owning physical bullion to hold in your safe at home can be a tremendous benefit, especially if things continue to go south with the economy. Precious metals are relatively easy to liquidate when needed. In a near-future alternative economy, it’s not completely far fetched to imagine many people trading between each other in precious metals, especially when the “Digital Dollar” central bank digital currency is rolled out. And while I’m not a financial advisor and therefore cannot offer advice, I can see the writing on the wall that gold and silver have held some sort of value since the dawn of humanity in the Book of Genesis.

Speaking of Genesis, our partners at Genesis Precious Metals are the other company we recommend. They are similar to most “Big Gold” companies in that they specialize in rare and collectible coins, but the difference is they don’t overcharge for them. This is they why can’t offer the “$10,000 in ‘free’ silver” that “Big Gold” companies offer. That silver is not “free,” of course, so don’t fall for that ploy no matter what excuse those company give you.

With Genesis, setting up a retirement account by rolling over existing investments is very easy. And unlike with “Big Gold,” Genesis won’t try to rip your head off with $70+ numismatics. They back your IRA with high quality coins that offer an opportunity at appreciation.

For holding value, bullion is the way to go with Our Gold Guy. For long-term potential to gain (or lose) value, rolling over retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals through Genesis is the play.