Bug Burgers

. . . Are ‘Bug Burgers’ Really Coming to America? Survival Food Company CEO Explains What’s Really Going On

There are a few memes floating around the internet about globalists attempting to force the masses to eat insects. These memes usually portray either Klaus Schwab or Yuval Noah Harari saying, “Eat ze bugs,” while holding up a cricket burger or some other bug-based food.

For those who have been following the escapades of globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum in recent years, the memes are both funny as well as being stark reminders of the dystopian reality of what they hope to achieve. They really do want us eating “alternatives” to meat as primary protein sources. But do they really want us eating mealworm meatloaf?

“Yes and no,” said Jason Nelson, CEO of Prepper All Naturals. “They want us eating meat alternatives but their primary source in western society will be lab-grown meat. The bugs have a different purpose.”

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Tyson Foods, one of the largest meat companies in the United States, has recently invested in insect-protein supplier Protix. They intend to expand on the “insect ingredients” business to start sprinkling bug parts into the food supply, oftentimes without making it apparent. Only those who read the ingredients on their foods will likely even know they’re eating bugs.

This is one of the two biggest reasons bugs are being introduced into the food supply, according to Nelson. He believes they want to normalize insect consumption quietly today so they’ll be able to tell people in the near future that most of them have been eating bugs all along.

“They want us to think bugs aren’t so bad, but here’s the thing,” Nelson continued. “They know there will be a huge backlash against insects in our foods… and even that backlash is part of their bigger plan.”

Nelson said introducing insects into the western food supply moves the Overton Window as it pertains to what we will eat. He says their long-term goal is to make people accept lab-grown meats as their primary source of protein.

“If they just hit us initially with cultivated meat, most Americans will pass on it,” Nelson said. “But by starting off with bugs, they hope to make Americans accept cultivated meats as a less-gross alternative to eating bugs.”

Nelson’s company, Prepper All-Naturals, has vowed to never allow lab-grown meats into their products. They use all-American, pasture raised beef to produce their long-term storage freeze-dried steak products. Many Americans are already stocking up on these bags of real beef knowing that they have up to a 25-year shelf life.

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