Clarence Thomas

Apparently “Hate Speech” Is Only Bad on Twitter if It’s Directed at the People They Like

Big Tech in general and Twitter in particular have struggled to define what they consider to be “hate speech.” The reason is obvious: “Hate speech” is in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately for conservatives, the powers-that-be in Big Tech love to behold only the hate speech that targets people they protect, namely leftists.

Justice Clarence Thomas has been a common recipient of social media hate speech ever since Roe v Wade was overturned. We’ve seen countless times when references to him as a “n***er” and other racist terms has been allowed on these platforms without repercussions. One leftist Twitter troll decided to test the waters to see how far Twitter would allow racist attacks against the Justice.

“John Cormet” originally claimed to be an elderly professor. His account was suspended for the racist Tweets for three days, but that suspension only lasted a few hours after he appealed. Now, he’s back on Twitter trolling people with asinine and often nonsensical rebukes.

His Tweet calling Justice Thomas a “n****er” is still live.

This is how the modern left thinks and acts. They know they can do or say what they want without repercussions from the wokesters in Big Tech. They flaunt it. Meanwhile, the truth is suppressed daily.