AOC Parody Twitter Account Mysteriously Vanishes But Catturd Says It’s Coming Back and Elon Musk Is Cheering Him On

Twitter is loaded with parody accounts. It’s part of the fun (for those who actually think Twitter is fun) of the platform to see clever remarks made in the voice of a celebrity that are, in some way, askew. There are so many of them that most get no attention.

One parody account got a lot of attention recently. @AOCpress posted some pretty hilarious fake retorts in the idiotic voice of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she took notice. So did Elon Musk. It prompted feigned concern from the from and more laughter from the latter.

Friday, the account mysteriously vanished. It wasn’t banned as such actions show the account is “suspended” at the original URL. This simply says the account doesn’t exist.

Famed Trump-supporting Twitter account and podcaster “Catturd” was apparently involved with the account, claiming that he helped craft some of the hilarious Tweets. Now, he’s promising to reveal what happened and revive the account himself.

And Elon Musk is cheering him on…

We wait with bated breath.