AOC Heckler

AOC Gets Mercilessly Heckled at Her Townhall, So She Dances Because She Doesn’t Care

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is becoming increasingly unpopular with her constituents. Unfortunately for them, her congressional district is so blue, Nancy Pelosi once said a glass of water could run as a Democrat there and still win.

Perhaps this is why she is so cocky, she danced and mocked her protesters from the stage. Later, she put on an odd accent that made her sound even more idiotic than usual. Watch:

There would be no more shocking and deserved victory for any candidate this cycle than for Tina Forte to defeat AOC.

According to Freedom News:

October 19 2022 Queens, New York – Shouting Protesters Disrupted part of AOC Listening Forum event in Astoria.

This evening a group attempted to disrupt the Listening Forum Event at the boys and girls club in Astoria, Queens where AOC was speaking to local community. The protest group was there to speak up against AOC and protest against crime rates going up in NYC, against the LGBTQ+ community and Mandates, among other topics.

Here’s the full video from Freedom News:

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