Justice Stephen Breyer

Anti-Constitutional Leftist Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire

According to NBC News, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring, NBC News reported Wednesday, giving President Joe Biden a crucial opportunity to replace the liberal justice.

This won’t do much to change the makeup of the Supreme Court as Biden will replace him with someone equally or more radically progressive. But getting Breyer out of the way before Biden is removed from office in or before January 2025 has been a top priority for Democrats.

Democrats have been rejoicing as they fear they will lose control of the Senate following the midterm elections. This move opens the door to get a more radical nominee through before Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is ousted.

Calls have already started rolling in for Biden to nominate the first Black female Justice. One name keeps popping up and is already the odds-on favorite:

This is a breaking story and will be updated when more information comes available.