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Anthem Medical’s Vaxx-Incentive Plan Exposes How Much Doctors Got Paid to Push the Death Jabs

Following the rollout of the Covid-19 “vaccines,” there was a hardcore push by people in authority to get as many men, women, and children jabbed as many times as possible. Politicians and bureaucrats made threats and restricted those who refused. Journalists gaslit us. Celebrities ridiculed us. It has only been in the last few months that the pressure campaign has let up a bit, but it’s still there in the background.

While most Americans have a healthy distrust for politicians, corporate media, and Hollywood stars, a strong majority of people got jabbed anyway for one huge reason: Most doctors were on board with the mass-vaccination program. Many might laugh when Bill de Blasio or Sean Hannity advise us to get jabbed, but with so many doctors echoing the sentiment, millions if not tens of millions dismissed their better judgment based on recommendations from medical professionals.

Studies and strong data points demonstrating the jabs were neither safe nor effective started coming out mere weeks after the rollout, so why did it take most doctors so long to get clued in? A recently surfaced copy of Kentucky Anthem Medical’s “Covid-19 Vaccine Provider Incentive Program” may offer the obvious answer:

Anthem Medical

They say money can’t buy you love, but it can buy silence, compliance, and loyalty.

Look at those numbers.

We have always known why the mega-hospitals and medical organizations got on board with massive payments from Big Pharma, but now it’s easy to understand why doctors in smaller practices played ball as well. The threshold to qualify for incentives was one injection. That’s it. These are awfully big payouts for doctors to do a 90-second procedure. And lest we forget, these are the incentives from the insurance company, not Big Pharma… unless you realize that the insurance companies and Big Pharma have been in bed with each other since Obamacare was launched.

Don’t Forget Fauci

With all of these shenanigans happening between doctors, Big Pharma, and the insurance companies, surely the medical watchdogs and corruption bloodhounds in our government can see the conspiracies and shut them down, right? If you believe that, you probably still get your news from MSNBC or Fox News.

As most of our brilliant readers know, government officials are in on it as well. Sometimes, they’re the orchestrators of the evil plans. Other times, they’re just the lapdogs of Big Pharma and the Globalist Elite Cabal. With Covid-19, the rise of Pandemic Panic Theater can be traced back to two men: Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins.

Both of the longtime directors of the National Institutes of Health and its National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are now conveniently retired to live off the spoils of their taxpayer-funded reigns of terror, but even their inflated salaries were minuscule compared to how much they were paid by the companies they were supposed to be regulating. A watchdog group recently dropped a bombshell about the Fauci-Collins con job.

According to Just The News:

Transparency watchdog on Wednesday published more than 1,500 pages of unredacted records identifying which companies paid which NIH scientists for which inventions and when, following a mostly successful Freedom of Information Act battle with NIH.

The 56,000 transactions add up to more than $325 million, according to OpenTheBooks, though the individual amounts for each payment and corresponding license are not listed in the records.

Fauci received 37 payments from three companies between 2010-2021: 15 from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, which creates products for medical research including antibodies and made the fifth-most payments in the royalty database; 14 from Ancell Corp., which produces immunology tolls; and eight from Chiron Corp., acquired by Novartis in 2006.

Novartis has received $17 million in NIH contract payments and $15 million in NIH grants since the acquisition. Fauci’s NIAID contracted with Chiron in 2004 to help develop an avian influenza vaccine. He was the highest-paid federal employee when Fauci retired at year’s end, with a $480,000 salary in 2022.

Collins, the NIH director who stepped down at the end of 2021 and then served as President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 czar, received 21 payments from four companies between 2010-2018, led by 12 from genetic research firm GeneDx, which has received $5 million in federal contract payments mostly from NIH since 2008.

Four payments to Collins came from Quest Diagnostics’ Specialty Laboratories, which provides biological testing services; four from Ionis Pharmaceuticals, originally named ISIS, known for RNA-targeted therapeutics; and one from Progeria Research Foundation, a nonprofit specializing in research for the congenital disorder.

OpenTheBooks said obtaining the names and license numbers for each payment, which NIH redacted before a court ordered that information made public, were crucial for “scrutinizing these records for potential conflicts of interest or public health risks.”

It will help determine whether Fauci was truthful when he told Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) at a hearing last year that “I doubt” Fauci received any royalties from any entity that received NIAID money overseen by Fauci, OpenTheBooks said.

As much as I like Senator Paul, I do not have high hopes that he’ll be able to hold anyone accountable. Fauci and Collins are Mafiosos in the globalist crime syndicate. They’re made men, protected from scrutiny and immune to justice. Being high-ranking minions of Satan has advantages… at least in this life.

Keep all of this in mind and spread the word to friends and family. They need to know about the incentives, kickbacks, and corruption that drove Pandemic Panic Theater because another round is likely just around the corner.

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