Another Week, Another 'Fully-Vaccinated' NFL Head Coach Taken out by Covid

Another Week, Another ‘Fully-Vaccinated’ NFL Head Coach Taken out by Covid

Does anyone in mainstream media or the National Football League have the guts to admit what is becoming blatantly obvious? The draconian Covid-19 vaccination restrictions imposed by the league have proven to be completely and utterly useless in preventing players and staff from getting one of those allegedly “rare” breakthrough cases.

The latest example has Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy joining four of his players on the “out with Covid” list. According to NBC Sports:

Bears coach Matt Nagy has tested positive for COVID-19. Nagy confirmed today that he has the virus and will work remotely. Nagy, who is fully vaccinated, said he is feeling good.

The Bears also currently have four players on the COVID-19 reserve list, which will certainly raise questions about whether the Bears need to take enhanced steps to prevent the virus from spreading in the team facility.

Bears special teams coordinator Chris Tabor is currently handling the in-person duties of the head coach. Nagy can return to the Bears when he has two negative tests at least 24 hours apart.

Instead of taking “enhanced steps,” here’s an idea. How about we treat this disease like we would treat any disease that has a 99.93% recovery rate for people under 50? Last time I checked, Tom Brady, 44, is the closest to being in the vulnerable “elderly” status and he’s still a couple of decades away. As for coaches, it’s understandable to want to protect those over 60 but between face masks and vaccines, aren’t they supposed to be protected?

Apparently, there’s just not much the league or anyone else can do to slow the spread of Covid-19. Thankfully it’s a league that is made up of young, athletic, generally healthy people, so the efforts are being wasted on the woke.

The sad part isn’t that the NFL is failing miserably at preventing Covid-19. The sad part is that they’re even trying. Thus far, there have been zero Covid-19 deaths in the NFL, but Pandemic Panic Theater requires drama to succeed.