Vaccine Passport

Another “Vaccine Passport” Bill Fails to Pass in New York Where Medical Legislation Is Disguised So the Nanny-State Can Impose Vaxx Mandates Later

(Natural News)—New York is the city and state where legislation to remove medical rights and privacy masquerades as “options” so the medical-police-state can later impose vaccine mandates and perform gender mutilation surgery on kids without parental consent. The latest attempt to remove medical privacy in New York comes as lawmakers tried to make it so that anyone 19 and older must “opt out” of having their vaccination information automatically recorded and shared with health departments on their vaccine registry. Currently, only patients under 19 years of age have this data in registries, as required by healthcare providers.

A civil rights attorney, Sujata Gibson, who represents New York plaintiffs who challenge vaccine mandates, calls this new legislation a “Trojan Horse” that paves the way for broader mandates, saying “The only reason to know every single vaccine given to adults in New York is to know who did not get them.” That type of database would be the “central nervous system” she said, for what would surely amount to a “state-wide digital vaccine passport system.”

Vaccine registries can lead directly to vaccine mandates and medical-police-state tyranny

If you did not recognize it, Big Pharma’s main goal of the whole pandemic was to get as many people injected with cell-mutating mRNA “technology” as possible, then you got swept up by the vax cult frenzy, like 270 million other Americans. The mad, mad push is far from over, even though the “novel” virus still barely lingers, supposedly. In New York, right now, vaccine-cult legislators are trying to get everybody on a database, vaccinated or not, so they can plan better for the next “plandemic.”

You see, vaccines aren’t just about giving kids autism and adults mercury poisoning. That was not enough for the genocide movement underway. So scientists came up with mRNA, and now New York is leading the charge to try to find out who has BILLIONS of spike proteins already disrupting their blood, organs and brain, but also who does NOT have this genetically modified humanoid quality (cell mutations that produce cancerous “spikes” throughout the vascular system).

In New York, the current system requires healthcare providers to get your verbal consent, if you’re over 18 years old, in order to hand over your vaccination information to the Vaccine Industrial Complex (nanny state). See, the original law was an “opt-in” law, where consent had to be in writing. This is different. The new law in New York was tricky and would have replaced “opt-in” with “opt-out” so nobody would have to get the patient’s written or verbal permission, it would be up to the patient to ask about it and activate “opt-out.” Talk about flipping the script.

Fortunately, although the New York State Assembly passed bill A7154 back in June, the Senate version, S1531, never got voted on. Now the bill is dead until 2025, to see what the election brings us. Then the vaccine cult of New York will have to start from scratch again, trying to invade people’s medical privacy in order to later force-vaccinate the masses. This follows suit with Bill Gate’s TED-announced plan to “reduce the world’s population by a few billion people” by doing a “really good job with vaccines.” Got spike protein syndrome? Got your vaccine passport? Got “gain of function Bird Flu”? New York legislators want to know.

Imagine: you get pulled over on the New York streets or highway, and the “officer” says, “Please hand me your license and updated vaccine passport” (then you go to jail if you don’t have the latest mRNA jab). Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental gene therapy injections that lead directly to vascular clots, hypertension, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes, PCVS, SPS and Long-Vax-Syndrome.

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