Another Ultra-Vaxxed Nation Sees Massive Covid Case and Hospitalization Spike

Another Ultra-Vaxxed Nation Sees Massive Covid Case and Hospitalization Spike

As broken records go, reporting the daily news of more data showing the clear inefficacy of Covid-19 “vaccines” is one of the most annoying. It boggles the mind that most people have been so indoctrinated by Pandemic Panic Theater that they refuse to see the unambiguous truth about the narratives they’re being sold. It shows that gaslighting and propaganda are truly powerful tools in getting the masses to see only what they’re directed to see by the powers-that-be.

We can go (and often have gone) into the scientific evidence proving the vaccines do not stop or even slow the spread of Covid-19, but unless Anthony Fauci says it, millions of Americans won’t believe it. Even basic logic seems to be a bridge too far for many. Case-in-point: Covid cases in 2020 without an available vaccine versus Covid cases in 2021 with billions taking the so-called “vaccines.”

Basic logic tells us that injecting the vast majority of people in many countries should result in a sharp decline in cases. That’s literally what vaccines are supposed to do. How is it that the most vaccinated nations in the world are experiencing the sharpest spikes in new cases and hospitalizations and the masses aren’t screaming for Big Pharma liars to be arrested? How can anyone promote a vaccine mandate when the evidence is so blatant that they’re not working and may be the cause of spikes?

The latest example comes from ultra-vaxxed France. According to SHTF Plan:

Over 76% of France’s population is fully “vaccinated” and yet COVID cases are at an all-time high. Cases now are higher than they were in 2020 when the “vaccines” were not yet available. Aren’t we glad these shots are so safe and effective?

France has reported 59,019 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, which is the highest number since April, the national agency for public health said. Hospitalizations have also been on the rise, according to a report by RT. All of this, as government data shows that around 76% of French citizens are fully vaccinated, with over 50 million of the 67-million-strong population receiving at least two vaccine doses.

New daily infections surpassed 59,000 for the first time since April 8, when the nation saw a whopping 84,999 new cases – the highest since the start of the epidemic. The French health ministry also reported an uptick in hospital admissions. They rose by 618 to 12,714, which is also the second-highest one-day increase this year behind only April 6, which saw 732 new patients admitted to hospitals.

Like I said, it boggles the mind that the data is so clear yet the masses act like the vaccine agenda is going perfectly as planned. In reality, it IS going as planned. Unfortunately, most seem to be oblivious to the fact that the plan has nothing to do with stopping Covid-19 and everything to do with getting every man, woman, and child injected for some nefarious reason.

Repeat after me: If the vaccines actually worked there would be no spike in Covid cases in ultra-vaxxed nations. Now tell that to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and anyone else you think hasn’t been lost to the false narrative forever.