ANOTHER Ultra-Vaxxed Nation Imposes New 'State of Calamity' Over Ongoing Massive Covid Surge

ANOTHER Ultra-Vaxxed Nation Imposes New ‘State of Calamity’ Over Ongoing Massive Covid Surge

Portugal is one of the most heavily vaccinated nations in the world for Covid-19. CNN’s vaxx-tracker puts them at fifth behind Gibraltar, Pitcairn, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Based on the common narrative being pushed by Anthony Fauci et al, Portugal should have already defeated Covid-19 and be well on its way to normalcy. Instead, it has declared a “state of calamity” and begun imposing new lockdown protocols.

What makes it worse and of even more interest to Americans is that unlike the United States, Portugal has already adopted “Comirnaty,” the FDA-approved Pfizer jab that is supposed to be the best of the best. Comirnaty accounts for nearly 50% of all jabs in the country.

According to WTNH prior to the new declaration:

Portugal on Wednesday reported its highest number of new daily COVID-19 infections since July amid a surge in cases across Europe, though hospitalizations are rising more slowly in the country where 86% of people are vaccinated.

The Portuguese government is due to announce on Thursday what new pandemic restrictions it is introducing, seven weeks after scrapping almost all of them because of the high vaccination rate and perceived lower threat from the coronavirus.

The General Directorate for Health officially reported 3,773 new cases Wednesday, with 681 in hospitals, 105 in intensive care units and 17 deaths. The number of patients requiring hospitalization was the highest since September.

If Portugal is seeing a Covid-19 surge and launching new restrictions despite being the 5th most-vaxxed nation in the world, what does that say about a future in America with our government striving to achieve Portugal’s injection levels? As we’ve often noted, the data seems to point to the likelihood that the “vaccines” actually increase the rate of infection. Follow the science, folks.