Charles Johnson

Another Former NFL Player Just Died and of Course the Cause of Death Was Ignored by Corporate Media

Whenever anyone in the public eye dies, especially at a relatively young age, it has always been standard journalistic procedure to determine the cause of death. There are inquiries filed, questions asked, and comments requested. Up until recent months we could expect either a detailed report on a deceased celebrity’s health issues or a direct cause of sudden death, whether it was an accident, drug overdose, suicide, or any other reason they met an early demise.

Former NFL player Charles Johnson died this week at the age of 50. After allowing nearly 24-hours for corporate media journalists to do their jobs and determine the cause of death, we’ve officially struck out. Nothing. Not a word. Not a mention in any of dozens of articles I’ve combed through this morning. What makes this different from similar stories we’ve covered in recent months is that they’re not even using any of the “trigger keywords” we often use to find such stories. We could only find one story that said the cause of death was not released.

These “trigger keywords” allow news outlets like us to find stories mentioning “cause of death is unknown,” “mysteriously died,” “undetermined,” or any other generic phrases used by journalists to say a death is essentially being covered up. These and other phrases are absent in reports about Johnson’s untimely death. Instead, corporate media stated he has died at age 50 and spent the rest of the story talking about his playing and coaching careers.

It seems like the new normal in journalism is to echo the sentiment that someone young and famous died and that’s all there is to it.

Here’s an example of one of the few stories that even mentioned the mysterious nature of Johnson’s death. According to Yahoo Sports:

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Charles Johnson has died at age 50. His death was announced by his employer, Heritage High School in Wake Forest, South Carolina. His cause of death has not been released.

And that’s it. The rest of the story goes into his football career and posts reactions from friends.

In reality, we know with a high level of confidence that many, most, and perhaps ALL of these deaths that have no apparent cause are tied to the Covid “vaccines.” The blood clots and other damaging ailments inherent in those who have been jabbed are becoming far more prevalent, so corporate media is acting like there’s nothing to see here. A handful of reports regarding marching orders on celebrity deaths have been sent to me, but nobody has been willing to go on record, and unlike Washington Post and others in corporate media, I will not post comments from anonymous sources without corroboration.

The truth is trickling out. Every day, more people are coming out and exposing the conspiracy. Journalists may be unwilling to do their jobs and ask questions, but doctors and nurses have begun speaking out more readily. Alternative media has been sounding the alarms for a long time and judging by traffic reports we receive from several outlets, it appears more people are paying attention. This is why we continue to publish stories speculating on these deaths. Coincidences like these just don’t happen so often without a measure of truth driving our speculation.