Seattle Explosion

Another Bum Camp in Democrat Hellhole Seattle Explodes, This Time Near Google’s Fremont Campus

It’s ironic that search giant Google has been suppressing information that paints Democrat-run cities as the criminal hellholes that they are because an enormous homeless encampment near their campus in Seattle just blew up.


According to intrepid local journalist Jonathan Choe:

Massive explosion at the notorious Mercer St. encampment in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood Monday afternoon. It’s right across the street from Google, Novo Nordisk, and several apartment buildings in one of the busiest parts of the city.

Neighbors have been begging city and state leaders to remove this blight for months after a murder, open air drug use, and other problems at the camp. Will this be the last straw for Mayor Bruce Harrell?

He’s always had the ability to go in and take control from WSDOT under emergency circumstances. Harrell moved in and cleared another problematic WSDOT encampment in downtown Seattle last month after a similar explosion.

Governor Jay Inslee has already spent millions of dollars this year to remove camps on state right of ways with very little to show for it. The current plan is clearly failing.

As long as corporate media continues to pretend like everything’s okay in Democrat-run cities, the carnage will continue. Their  policies are failing, and unfortunately it seems to be by design. Sound off about this on The Liberty Daily Substack.