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Another 15-Year-Old Boy Collapses and Dies Mysteriously and Nobody Asks if It Was the Jabs

There’s a trend of a certain event that has been accelerating in recent months. A young and otherwise healthy person collapses and dies mysteriously. No cause of death is announced. Nobody, even those in conservative or “alternative” media, are willing to ask the very obvious question, “Was it the jabs?”

I’ve posted dozens of stories like this in just the last few weeks. The latest comes from The Liverpool Echo reporting on a 15-year-old boy who died while out to dinner in the UK:

A 15-year-old boy collapsed and died at a Liverpool city centre restaurant.

Police and paramedics rushed to the scene in the Liverpool ONE complex yesterday afternoon (Saturday) after reports a teenager had collapsed while out with family and friends. He was tended to by members of the public and staff at the Browns restaurant in Paradise Street before the arrival of emergency services. He was taken to hospital but sadly died.

A Merseyside Police spokesperson said: “Emergency services were called to Browns Restaurant on Paradise Street at about 5.50pm following reports that a teenager, who was with family and friends had collapsed.

A number of members of the public and staff at the restaurant had provided medical assistance prior to the emergency services attending. The teenager was taken to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital where sadly he died a short time later. The death is not believed to be suspicious, and a file is being prepared for the Coroner.

The story was picked up by a handful of right-leaning sites so far, but as usual none of them have mentioned the Covid-19 “vaccines.” This has become standard operating procedure because if the words “vaccine” or “jabs” or “injections” or “Covid” are mentioned anywhere in the article and referenced as a possible cause of death, the story and possibly the publication can be cut off by Google ad dollars or Facebook traffic.

We will continue to highlight as many of these stories as possible. We will ask the obvious question of whether it was the jabs because it’s a legitimate question. Any death of unknown cause should have that question asked. If it turns out to be something else, we’ll acknowledge it. But that almost never turns out to be the case. Instead, the story is dropped in the media memory hole.

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