Anthony Fauci Josef Mengele

Angel of Death Anthony Fauci Wants Fox Nation to Deliver Lara Logan’s Head on a Platter for Josef Mengele Comparison

Anthony Fauci is the closest thing America has had to Nazi scientist Josef Mengele, dubbed the “Angel of Death.” Based on his track record of experimenting on AIDS survivors, beagles, and who knows what else, it’s a fair comparison even if there’s a bit of hyperbole involved. Fauci’s crimes may not have been as heinous as what Mengele did to countless Jews, but then again we do not know the depth of Fauci’s machinations.

On the other hand, the jury is still out on the number of people who have died as a direct result of Fauci’s policies and flip-flopping guidance during the age of Covid, so it may not be a fair comparison at all… to Mengele. Nevertheless, Fauci is big mad at Fox Nation host Lara Logan for making the comparison on-air.

According to the Daily Mail:

Anthony Fauci criticized Fox Nation host Lara Logan Thursday for her comments comparing him to an infamous Nazi war criminal earlier this week, calling the conservative journalist’s comparison ‘slanderous’ and ‘disgusting.’

Speaking to MSNBC host Chris Haye Thursday night, Fauci called on Fox to take disciplinary action against the journalist – who faced backlash Monday after she compared the chief White House medical adviser to Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor whose hideous experiments on Jewish concentration camp victims during World War II earned him the chilling moniker ‘Angel of Death.’

‘It’s an insult to all of the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps,’ Fauci, 80, fumed on Hayes’ primetime political commentary program All In.

Let’s take a look at some of the guidance Fauci has offered the American people and two sitting presidents over the past two years. He recommended not wearing face masks, then wearing face masks, then doubling up on face masks before going back to single-masking, with a brief stint of double-masking mixed in recently. Many studies have shown face masks offer little to no protection against Covid-19 and can cause direct harm to those who wear them continuously.

Fauci has recommended and continues to recommend lockdowns and restrictions that have caused unambiguous harm to the people. Businesses have been lost. Livelihoods have been abandoned. Savings have been decimated. Families have been broken. The effects of Fauci’s lockdowns and restrictions include drug overdoses and suicides skyrocketing while destitution has forced millions of Americans to become dependent on government handouts.

Then, there’s the healthcare effects of lockdowns and fearmongering that have prompted millions of Americans to delay or forgo necessary tests, treatments, and surgeries. It will be difficult to quantify the loss of life in this particular category because the numbers have been jumbled by false declarations of Covid deaths. Actual root causes of death that have become impossible to track. Ironically, someone who dies of cancer that could have been properly treated if Fauci’s lockdowns hadn’t hampered the healthcare system are often listed as Covid deaths. It’s unfortunately an accurate assessment even if the coronavirus itself didn’t cause the fatality.

The Covid-19 “vaccines” that Fauci et al have been pushing so hard for year are the truest connection to Mengele. The Nazi Angel of Death used tens of thousands of Jews in hideous medical experiments. But even his level of depravity may pale in comparison to Fauci’s massive, worldwide drug experiment. The vaccines kill people. This is undeniable. Whether one believes they have killed tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions is up for debate, but the number is astounding.

What’s worse is that they do not have anywhere near the efficacy that Fauci has said in the past, nor are they as effective as his toned-down narrative of today. “Vaccinated” people are contracting Covid-19 at rates equal to or higher than the unvaccinated. Many of these “rare breakthrough cases” result in hospitalization and/or death. But the drumbeat of the vaxx-nannies like Fauci pushing for universal jabbing continues unabated.

Joseph Mengele’s experiments were more disturbing than Anthony Fauci’s many follies, but the sheer volume of damage Fauci has done to humanity is far greater than any “doctor” in world history. Lara Logan’s assessment is fair.