. . . Americans Turning to Faith-Based Precious Metals Company to Avoid the “Big Gold” Shenanigans

There have been some common traits popping up among the vast majority of “Big Gold” companies out there in recent years. They’ve all shifted to the same basic model. First, they entice people with offers of a free “special edition” minted coin or even “$15,000 in free silver!” Nothing is really free, of course. It’s all just added to the final price of the sale. It’s easy to offer a 10% “free” gift if you’re charge 100% over cost, which many of them do.

Second, they have embraced “The Current Thing” mentality. In other words, whatever is in the news today is the biggest reason of all time to buy their products immediately. Russia invaded Ukraine — buy gold! A “red tsunami” is coming — buy gold! The “red tsunami” didn’t happen — buy gold!

“Big Gold” is like “Big Pharma” or “Big Tech.” These companies that can afford to get massive celebrities to put their likeness on advertising are able to do so because they all charge too much for their products. They consort with each other to make sure they’re all pushing the same basic products at the same basic prices so if customers shop around, they’re going to hear the same tune.

At The Liberty Daily, we avoided working with any of these “Big Gold” companies because we didn’t like the way they do business. We found a small and honest outfit that we started working with last month. Now, we’ve found an additional company that can do all the things “Big Gold” can do without muddying the waters with the questionable tactics “Big Gold” employs. And on top of all this, we found that they share both our America First values as well as our Christian beliefs.

We wholeheartedly recommend Genesis Precious Metals for retirement protection, not just because we benefit when our readers buy from them but because they refuse to do business the way “Big Gold” companies do. No silly “free silver” offers. No conniving with other “Big Gold” companies to keep prices high.

We are still working with Our Gold Guy, which specializes in bullion delivered to people’s door. The reason we added Genesis to the mix is because they combine two key attributes that we appreciate. First and foremost, they’re an unabashedly fellowship-centered company; how many precious metals companies name themselves after a book of the Bible and allow Scripture on their website? Second, they help people with self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. They do not mess with sales gimmicks like “$10,000 in ‘free’ silver” because they don’t like to insult their customers’ intelligence. Their Gold IRA product speaks for itself.

Perhaps the best benefit we’ve found with them is in their customer service. Their customers absolutely rave about them. For example, Diane Snow from San Francisco said, “Their customer service has been incredible. We were unsure about precious metals, but their team made it so easy. They gave us the confidence to fully trust them with our investment. Could not be more happy!”

But customer service is just a bonus that gets wiped away if the prices are too high. That’s why we appreciate what we heard from people like James Larcombe in Ohio. “I had been considering investing in gold for some time. After researching several companies, I finally decided to work with Genesis Gold Group. I would happily recommend this company to anyone. Their prices were great, and their specialists made my first purchase a great one.”

Their customer base is growing tremendously. Being one of the few truly faith-based gold companies out there makes it all much easier for them to work with audiences such as ours.

Whether you’ve been “run through the ringer” by “Big Gold” companies or you’re just starting the process of protecting your life’s savings, contact Genesis Precious Metals through their website or give them a call at 866-561-3759.