Sick Cattle

American Ranchers and Their Cattle Are Being Replaced by Foreign Beef Imports

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the American beef industry is under attack on multiple fronts. We know what the globalists in the World Economic Forum want. We know what Bill Gates and his cronies want. We see the attacks through government regulations, foreign and domestic.

What some may not realize is we’re seeing attacks from within the industry itself. The four biggest distributors of beef products in America are taking shortcuts by using foreign beef and labeling it as “Product of the USA.”

It’s not just unethical (though unfortunately legal) to mislead Americans into believing they’re eating domestic beef. It can be dangerous. We’re seeing a rise in beef-related ailments and it’s not a coincidence. According to an important post by Wall Street Apes:

American Ranchers Are Desperately Trying To Educate The American People That They Are Being Replaced By Foreign Imports Thanks To Lobbyists Selling Them Out

Legally a “Product of the USA can now be imported from overseas — The US cattle industry is at an all time low”

“There’s some interesting and concerning stuff happening in the US cattle industry. Did you know meat is being imported into the US from overseas and being marketed as a product of the USA?

The US cattle industry is at an all time low. It’s a result of things like extreme drought, beef cost rising, and inflation. Cattle prices are at an all time high, which drives the price of beef.

But this isn’t necessarily a good thing for ranchers.

This just means the 4 large corporations who control 85 percent of the US beef market, 2 of them Brazilian owned, will import meat from other countries where they can source it cheaper. And because of our own laws, if it is repackaged in any way, it can be labeled product of the USA.

This is especially unsettling for ground beef that can come from multiple countries, from different ages, and different breeds of older cows that any sort of untraceable diet. That shrimp can be frozen for who knows how long and imported in droves, then thawed and mixed in a large vat in a large processing plant with literally hundreds of different DNA samples landing in 1 pound of ground beef.

Importing and exporting is not the problem. Americans like their hamburger, but not their heart. Traditional export markets are good for ranchers to get a premium for the unusual cuts that are more widely desired in foreign markets. But the American consumer deserves to know where their meat comes from and how it was raised. And there is an answer.

Buy directly from a rancher in the USA. Find a ranch you can buy direct from locally or one who ships to your doorstep and start ordering now and trusting the source of the food you feed your family.”

Note: The beef used by Prepper All-Naturals is 100% Texas born, raised, and slaughtered. Every product is sourced from the ranch of birth, so these high-quality cuts are literally “pasture to table.”