Perfect Storm

American Farmers Face Crisis as Globalist Policies and Inflation Take a Toll

(Prepper Beef)—John Boyd Jr., founder of the Black Farmers of America, and Shad Sullivan, a rancher in Texas, recently spoke on “The Ingraham Angle” about the damage globalist “green” policies and inflation are causing to U.S. agriculture.

Boyd highlighted the alarming decrease in U.S. beef production and the lack of support from the USDA to stop farm foreclosures in the country. He emphasized that farmers are facing extinction, particularly Black farmers, due to adverse public policies and higher input costs.

Sullivan pointed out that global elites are pushing for sustainability, which is just production and consumption control across the world. He argued that the beef cattle industry is the last bastion of freedom and that it is time to stop global elites from implementing regulations that would cripple Western agriculture.

Both farmers expressed concern about the negative effects of globalist policies on American agriculture and the potential for a domestic food crisis. They stressed the need for the U.S. government to focus on supporting its own farmers and ensuring the sustainability of domestic food production.

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