Propane Tank Explosion

AMERICA UNDER ATTACK: Multiple Explosions Hit Propane Tanker Yard Near Phoenix Airport

A propane tanker yard near Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix was hit with multiple explosions Thursday. Watch:

It just keeps happening. Unexplained catastrophes happen across the nation. News reports struggle to find a cause but law enforcement claims it’s DEFINITELY not sabotage or terrorism despite not knowing what it is. Days go by and somehow no cause is ever reported, or a bogus excuse is leaked and the story is dropped forever.

Railways, food processing plants, oil refineries, power stations… it appears that America is truly under attack and corporate media is keeping it secret. I’m not suggesting that EVERY incident is intentional, but there have been so many “unexplained” incidents over the last two years that it’s foolish to not consider the possibility that we’re being targeted from within.

One of the key components to nearly all of these alleged attacks is that they usually do not involve many deaths, if any. That would draw more attention to them. But somehow these incidents happen on a massive scale with limited loss of life. In this latest potential attack, the headline from local media claimed several cars were damaged but nobody was injured:

Dozens of cars are damaged and hundreds of propane tanks are scattered around a neighborhood near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport after an explosive fire at a nearby propane business on Thursday afternoon. Fire crews were called out to Bill’s Propane Service on 40th Street and Washington Street around 5 p.m. When they got there, flames were shooting out of the business and propane tanks were being shot into the air. “They literally become missiles,” Phoenix Fire Capt. Rob McDade said. “Very dangerous situation.”

More than 150 firefighters battled the flames at the height of the fire. Firefighters cleared a mile radius around the business. Homes northeast of the business were told to evacuate. After a couple of hours, they were allowed to return. However, businesses are still evacuated. The Arizona Animal Welfare League has its main shelter nearby, but firefighters say it was evacuated but it didn’t catch fire. Gateway Community College was evacuated, too. Aerial video showed rows of cars damaged at Sundance Airport Parking.

Skeptics of the theory that these incidents are attacks would argue that propane is vulnerable to accidents like this will happen. This is true. But it’s also true that they are happening at a far greater frequency than any other time in memory.

It could be coincidence. I could be imagining a conspiracy. But I doubt it. Sound off on our Substack.