Recycling Plant Fires

America Under Attack: Massive Blaze in Pensacola Marks NINTH Recycling Plant Fire in First Half of August Alone

Climate change. The obsession with it by cultists who desperately want to be proven right about the end of the world has prompted dozens of known (and likely hundreds of unverified) arson attacks this summer in the name of convincing us that heat of the season isn’t normal and cow farts are going to kill us all.

It would appear that someone, whether cultists or more nefarious players pushing the globalists’ plans, have selected a new target for their escapades. Recycling plants are going up in flames across the country and of course every event is an opportunity for corporate media to blame climate change. Well, not all. One of the nine recent fires has been blamed on a “likely faulty battery.”

I still blame the cultists though I’m reserving room for the possibility of it being the globalists with an even darker agenda in play. Where I don’t leave room is for the notion that it’s all a coincidence that nine recycling plants went up in flames the first two weeks of August when it’s hard to find any single month the last five years that had more than one or two incidents. Most had none because recycling plant fires just weren’t a thing until now.

Here’s video of the latest in Pensacola, Florida:

Recycling plant fires create a very noteworthy statement for those seeking to blame climate change. The billowing smoke and foul stench draw attention and prompt local media to cover the events profusely. It can often be seen from miles away and can linger for days.

Recycling plant fires are the perfect narrative-builders for cultists.

Then again, they also pose a perfect opportunity for globalists and depopulationists to release other toxins into the atmosphere. This is speculation with absolutely zero evidence, but hypothetically if the powers-that-be wanted certain chemicals released into the lower atmosphere then using recycling plant fires spread coast to coast would offer them literal smokescreens to hide their plans.

After all, they can’t keep derailing trains or somebody might get suspicious.

Here’s a list of this month’s recycling plant carnage:

If this pace continues, that would be over 200 recycle plant fires per year.

It would be ironic if cultists really have chosen recycling plants as their targets since one of the purposes of recycling plants is to clean up the environment, but perhaps the messaging is more important to them than the impact of their actions. Of course, nobody ever accused climate change cultists of being logical.

What do you think? Is this coincidence? Cultists? Globalists? Someone else? Leave your comments on my Substack.