Oz Erdogan

America Last Vaxx-Nanny Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz Pushed the Jabs for the Turkish Health Ministry

Mudslinging has never been my thing in politics. It’s always best to research candidates and focus on what they say and do, as well as what they have said and done in the past. We need to know where we stand on issues and try to predict how they’ll govern. This is why I’ve tried to defend Kathy Barnette against attacks from friends of Dr. Mehmet Oz. They are making things up, taking selectively edited videos to make it seem like she supports BLM and defunding police, both of which she adamantly opposes.

There are two things a “Republican” candidate can do that should raise serious questions about them, at least to me and other America First patriots. First, they cannot and should not be working on behalf of foreign governments. Second, they should not be pushing the Covid jabs. Dr. Oz was doing both regularly up until the point he decided to pretend to be a Republican and run for political office.

What supporters of Dr. Oz don’t want to do is their own research. They see Trump endorsing him and that’s that. But what many Republicans don’t want to admit is that he did a great job with policies and a very poor job of picking people. Or, to be more accurate, he had the wrong people helping him pick his people. It all started with letting Reince Priebus be his first Chief of Staff and the floodgates of RINOs and Deep State shills was opened.

Now, the same thing is happening with his endorsements in 2022.

Those supporting Dr. Oz because Trump was manipulated into supporting him probably agreed with his other picks like Romney, Wray, Priebus, Kelly, McMaster, Omarosa, Scaramucci, Esper, Barr, Sessions, Haspel, Tillerson, and Pence.