. . . America First Precious Metals Company Defies Regime and Industry Standards With Focus on Bullion

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The Biden-Harris regime really doesn’t want Americans buying precious metals. Any of their wealth or retirement that they have hedged with gold and silver is money not invested in the stock market or sitting in the big banks the regime adores.

Ownership of precious metals has surged over the past two years thanks in large part to Americans waking up to what the regime is doing to the economy. Risks of an upcoming Central Bank Digital Currency, global de-dollarization, and consolidation of the American banking system are just some of the reasons Americans are putting precious metals in their safe or backing their retirement accounts.

But even as many Americans are becoming aware of the challenges and moving portions of their life’s savings into the “smart money,” there’s an ugly side to it all. The vast majority of precious metals companies are heavily promoting numismatic coins, especially for self-directed IRAs. They claim the reason is because these “rare” coins have inherent value that allows them to appreciate faster than the value of the metals in them. This is partially true, but the real reason these companies promote them so heavily is because profit margins can be tremendous for them.

One company, Advisor Metals, has taken the opposite approach. As owner and America First patriot Ira Bershatsky often says, the best way for Americans to take advantage of precious metals is to buy bullion in the form of rounds and bars.

“My goal is to help Americans get the most ‘bang for the buck’ with their precious metals purchases,” he said. “That means staying away from numismatics and focusing on getting bars and rounds of various sizes to fit the customer’s needs.”

Bershatsky’s protests against the gold industry have developed over a 43-year career in the financial industry. He’s worked for “Big Gold” before and he’s seen their tactics. He launched Advisor Metals as an alternative to the trend of pushing high-end numismatics instead of bringing true value to a customer’s portfolio with bullion.

“Especially if the crap hits the fan, nobody’s going to care that a coin is a ‘special edition’ or not,” Bershatsky continued. “They’re going to look at the quality and weight of the metal itself to determine its value. That means buying rounds and bars, not fancy coins.”

The Biden-Harris regime and “Big Gold” have both given incentives to financial advisors to try to keep Americans’ investments tied up in “woke” ESG funds. One does it for the globalists while the other does it out of greed, but neither is doing the American people any favors.

Bershatsky’s approach is to personalize his customers’ portfolios to match their individual needs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to gold and silver. Coins and bars come in various sizes and can have different uses, whether they’re kept in his customers’ safes or used to back their retirement in a depository.

It’s important to note that Bershatsky has full access to numismatic coins if customers want them. He isn’t against them for what they are. He’s against the deceptive practices used by many in the industry. And his preference is to help Americans buy bullion because as a patriot, he wants his fellow citizens to thrive.

“My approach is consultative,” he said. “We will determine together what they want to accomplish, then I’ll make recommendations based on the goals they want to achieve. Then I craft their purchase to their specifications and get the precious metals to them discreetly.”

Advisor Metals helps people whether they’re spending $2,500 or $2,500,000. Reach out to him today and set up a phone call to discuss how best to proceed with your gold and silver bullion purchase.